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Fantastic Bonding Video

The Chemistry homework was to compare and contrast ionic and covalent bonding. Two pupils produced a musical, another produced  this video. Enjoy!


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Revise SG Chemistry with iPhone and iPad app

The InQuizitor app combines question and answer sessions with gameplay rewards. It only costs £1.79.

Special offer – now only 59p!

They say:

“InQuizitor helps you game your way to exam success. Play curriculum based quizzes combined with some challenging mini games to make your study time a lot more fun and effective. Win bonuses by answering quickly and correctly, earn more game time and watch your scores increase as you hardwire vital exam information into your brain.”

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Methane Podcast

Here is a short podcast on methane from Chemistry World

Methane Podcast

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Addition Polymerisation Animation

Here’s a flash animation showing addition polymerisation.

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Metals Revision Lesson

As we near the end of Topic 11, here is a revision lesson you can work through at your own pace.

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Blast Furnace

Here is a link to an animation that will take you through a Blast Furnace. This is worth looking at just for the fantastic accent.

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